Bacne Clearing Treatment

£10.00 - £30.00

Please DM or Email to arrange a booking first before sending payment.

What is it?

Back acne or ‘Backne’ is usually caused by excess oil and dead skin cells that build up over time. It can also be caused by your daily habits, and even from excess sweating. Luckily, with a few simple treatments we can diminish back acne for a renewed complexion!

Who’s it for?

Anyone who suffers with mild to moderate back acne.

What’s included?

During this treatment you’ll receive a soothing cleanse, ozone steam and extractions. Swedish massage back, shoulders and neck massage, using a deep exfoliant, charcoal anti bacterial mask, serums and moisturiser.

How long does this treatment take?

This treatment takes 1 hour.

Down time?
No downtime is involved with this treatment although you may experience redness in the treated area.

Please contact me to discuss and book in your treatment, let me know your concerns and I’ll tailor the treatment to suit your skin.