The Luxury Peel Facial

£10.00 - £60.00

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What’s it for?

Our luxury peel facial is for the treatment of all skin types and tones including dry, normal, combination, those with scarring, ageing skin, oily, sensitive, congested and acne prone skin. This treatment is tailored specifically to your skin and your goals.

Using a Glycolic acid and fruit acid peel to effectively remove dead skin cells to reveal brighter, smoother, refreshed skin. This peel is tough enough to smooth skin yet gentle enough not to cause peeling following treatment.

Proud provider of the Sienna X skin care system.
This treatment is an all natural, gentle exfoliating alternative to traditional harsh chemical peels.

What does it include?

This luxury facial includes steam, double cleanse, exfoliation, Glycolic acid peel, The Detoxifying Clay Mask, The Miracle Manuka honey recovery mask, soothing facial oil with ice globes massage. Serums and moisturiser.

Does it hurt?
No! Unlike traditional harsh chemical peels that leave your skin shedding over the week following treatment, our peel leaves your skin fresh and glowing with no excess peeling once you leave the salon. You may feel a slight tingle while the peel gets to work but that’s it.

How long is this treatment?
1 hour 15mins

No makeup for 24 hours, skin may be slightly pink following treatment.