Targeted Microneedling Facial


Targeted Microneedling Facial

Unlike our full microneedling facial, this facial will give you digital medical microneedling at a targeted area of your choice (please see below) we know many clients don’t wish to have a full microneedling facial so we’ve given your the option of a targeted area instead. This treatment is also suitable for male clients who have a beard and therefore can only have half a face.

Please choose an area from the list:
Area 1: Forehead and around eye area.
Area 2: Cheeks and Chin.
Area 3: Jawline and Neck.
Area 4: Above lip, below lip, Chin and smile lines.

This treatment will reduce acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, photo-aging, stretch marks, and body scars. A course of 3-4 is recommended spaced every 4 weeks for best results.

What’s included?
Cleanse, steam, exfoliation, tone, microneedling, Hyaluronic acid tissue mask and ice globes massage, serums, moisturiser and SPF

What’s the down time?

Micro-needling down time is usually only around a few days, you may experience redness and slight swelling on days 1-2 and you can expect peeling around days 3-5, everything will be explained during your consultation and you will be given full aftercare advice.

Will it hurt?

No! I use a medical grade numbing cream, you can choose to have your microneedling facial numbed too before we begin the needling part of the treatment, although the depth is shallower on the face and most clients find it just a little uncomfortable more then painful but it’s completely up to you.

Treatment time including numbing is 1hr 15mins