The Luxury Glow Facial

£15.00 - £60.00

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Who’s it for?
Suitable for most skin types for skin that’s in need of a glow! Perfect for those with facial scarring, enlarged pores, those looking to diminish fine lines and wrinkles or even prevent wrinkles from forming. Our luxury glow facial will give almost every skin type a healthy youthful boost. Focusing on two key treatments; Dermaplaning and Dermarolling (micro-needling) that aim to brighten, induce collagen production, lift, tighten and resurface the skin, leaving it with a healthy glow.

Unfortunately clients with active acne will not be suitable for this treatment.

What’s involved?
Our luxury glow facial will give your skin a beautiful healthy glow, during this treatment you’ll receive cleanse, steam, Dermaplaning, Dermaroller, LED therapy, ice globes and tissue mask massage, serums and moisturiser.

How long does this treatment take?
This treatment takes 1 hour 15 mins

Down time?
No make up for 24 hours, skin may be slightly red following treatment but only for the first 24 hours.

Please contact us to book.