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Waxing; Female Only

The effects of waxing last much longer than shaving. This is a great way to avoid having stubble, Waxing also gives you a smooth finish as it totally uproots the hair from the follicle.

Over time, you will see a reduction in hair growth. How does this happen? Waxing damages your hair follicles which makes it more difficult for your hair to regrow each time, leaving you with longer smoother results!

Each time you have a wax your results can last up to 3 weeks!

A common side effect of waxing is the redness and blotchiness afterwards in the treated zone, this will settle within a few hours,

Please wait at least 4 days post shave before waxing. Exfoliate the skin the day before your appointment.

No perfumed moisturiser should be used for 24 hours, No saunas, steam rooms or sun beds for 24 hours. No deodorant for 8 hours post under arm wax.

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